How Much Alcohol Is Safe For Women? 

According to the studies, moderate alcohol consumption may have some health benefits for some individuals, but several people and health organizations are questioning how much alcohol is safe. While harm caused by drinking alcohol mainly seems to depend on the individual characteristics, circumstances and more particularly the amount you drink.

When it comes to drinking the right amount of alcohol, men and women have different limits. But, the question is how much alcohol is safe for women? Hard beverages present a health challenge for people, especially women. Even when consumed in small amounts, alcohol usually affects women in a different way than men. According to research, women develop alcohol-related complications even at small amount of consumption than men.

Generally, with health issues, accurate and correct information is very important. There are ways and times to drink, which are safer than others for women. Every woman is different in one way or another and no amount of drinking is completely safe for every woman all the time. With this in mind, it is important to know drinking can affect your health and safety, if the recommended amount is taken into proper consideration.

Since women are affected by lower levels of alcohol consumption, the guidelines for low-risk drinking are relatively lower for females. Globally, women are required to drink at most three standard drinks per day and no more than 7 drinks per week.

In some cases, no amount of alcohol consumption is considered low risk. Depending on your health, age and other circumstances like pregnancy, it is important to drink very few drinks or none at all. Here are a few circumstances in which women and even men should stop drinking altogether:

• When you are planning to become pregnant or when pregnant,

• When planning to operate heavy machines or equipment, or when you plan to drive,

• When you are suffering from certain medical conditions and disorders, such as chronic pain, mental disorders (bipolar disorder, hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver and certain heart conditions,

• You are also not supposed to drink alcohol when under certain medications.

In a nutshell, women should drink less than 14 units of hard drinks per week in which should be less than 3 units per day. You should also have at least 2 -3 alcohol-free days a week. Women trying to conceive or those who are pregnant should completely stop drinking until this period is over. However, if they prefer to drink, to reduce the risks to the baby, drinking 2 to 3 standard drinks once or twice per week is recommendable.